A Dream Come True

January 16

Taking the Reigns at Ellie Ann’s Interior Design

Hey there! I’m Megan Tollefson, and you may have met me before in our post “Get to Know Megan Tollefson.”  I was an Associate Interior Designer when we published that post, working for Susan, and learning everything I could about the world of Interior Design through hands-on experience. Today, I’m beyond excited to share some incredible news with you all. 

I recently became the proud owner of Ellie Ann’s Interior Design. 

For those of you who new here, Ellie Ann’s was founded by the amazing Susan Brandjord and has become a well-established Interior Design firm with a mission of delivering “Sophisticated Living For Every Day People.”

As the new owner, I thought I would take a little time to share my journey into how this dream of mine unfolded. When I graduated from NDSU’s interior design program, I found myself at a crossroads. My then-fiancé (now husband) and I were preparing to move to Langdon, ND. I had my doubts about finding interior design jobs in a small town. It felt like these opportunities only existed in larger cities, and I wasn’t sure how I’d turn my dream of becoming an interior designer into a reality.

But, you know what they say, when one door closes, another opens. My husband encouraged me to keep searching, and that’s when I stumbled upon Susan and Ellie Ann’s. I joined as an Associate Interior Designer, and from day one, Susan became more than a boss – she became an incredible mentor, inspiration, and friend.

Susan has always been focused on helping me achieve my goals and dreams, supporting me in ways that words can hardly express. During my time working with her, I discovered so much more about the world of interior design than I ever imagined existed. My dream of opening my own Interior Design business seemed more achievable with every passing day.

My dream came true sooner than expected!

In 2023, Susan approached me with a proposition – the chance to purchase Ellie Ann’s Interior Design. Without hesitation, my answer was a resounding “YES!” While the prospect is a bit intimidating, having Susan by my side as a mentor during this transition takes away a lot of the fear. I’m immensely grateful for her continued support and guidance.

Now, as the proud owner of Ellie Ann’s, I have some big dreams in store. My vision includes continuing to grow the business in and around Bottineau as well as expanding to the Langdon, ND, and the surrounding communities, designing luxury vacation homes, and expanding our reach beyond North Dakota into other states. And that’s just the beginning!

I’m bursting with excitement, and I’d love to share more about the journey ahead. If you have any questions or if you’re just as passionate about interior design as I am, feel free to reach out. Better yet, why not schedule a visit to our showroom? I can’t wait to welcome you to Ellie Ann’s Interior Design by Megan Tollefson, where we’re committed to providing designs in a livable, sophisticated way. Cheers to new beginnings and making dreams come true!

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