A Professional Floor Plan

February 8

Five Surprising Reasons You Need A Professional Floor Plan

When we think of floor plans we often only think of them in the context of new builds or major remodels. In reality, floor plans can save you time and effort in many ways.

1. To make sure your furniture fits in your space

When replacing furniture, it is important the new pieces fit in your space in a way that doesn’t feel crowded. This can be especially difficult in small living rooms.

With a professional floor plan, your space’s specific dimensions are recreated (including doorways so you know the furniture can even get in the door!). Once the desired setup is designed, the perfect size for the furniture is known before you even set foot in the store.

This makes it easy-breezy to find your pieces. No more crossing your fingers and hoping it will fit. Instead, you are able to immediately narrow down your options to only those that are the right size and then pick the one you like the best!

A floor plan is still useful if you have already fallen in love with a new piece of furniture. Whether it be a luxurious velvet sofa or an über comfy chair, if you are unsure how to make it work with your space, a professional floor plan will answer your questions.

2. To explore multiple configurations of a space using existing furniture

Tell me if this has happened to you: You’ve grown tired of the way a room is set up and want to rearrange, but after a day spend pushing around that heavy pull-out couch or heavy recliners, you give up and end the day frustrated and unsatisfied.

Floor plans are not only for when you are getting new furniture, they can be equally as effective when contemplating rearranging.

No more throwing your back out trying to push the sofa to the other side of the room only to find out it doesn’t fit.

No more moving the side table with the lamp only to realize the outlets are too far away.

No more moving the TV only to have the windows glare on the screen.

With a professional floor plan you will know what setup works best before you start the heavy lifting.

3. To help visualize the finished project in 3D

If you are someone who struggles to visualize changes in your head without seeing it, a professional floor plan will prove itself helpful. I am able to show all my clients purposed floor plans in 3D at no additional charge.

Since all furniture placed in the plan are the exact dimensions, the 3D view gives clients a great visualization of how the furniture will actually look and feel in their space.

The 3D view also offers a virtual walk-through experience of the space, instead of simply the birds-eye view of a traditional floor plan.

4. To maximize the use of your space

Whether you’re tired of your cramped bathroom or want to increase the functionality of your kitchen, a floor plan is here to lend a hand.

Something as simple as changing the placement of a toilet or shower in a bathroom, for example, can make a world of difference on how open the space feels.

Another example would be the kitchen. The reconfiguration of appliances and/or the addition of a kitchen island can do wonders for creating a more functional work area, which is important, as it is likely one of the busiest areas of your home.

5. To determine if an add-on will improve your home’s liveability

When your house is feeling cramped, it might be a sign it’s time for a change. Sometimes that means getting rid of some furniture or rearranging the space, or if you are like my parents, you just downsized and need more space for your favorite furniture.

Sometimes, this means it is time to add-on to your home.

With my help and the help of a professional floor plan, we can determine not only if an addition to your home is necessary, but what size it should be to increase the liveability of your home.

Everything from windows to floor outlets to fireplaces to your great grandma’s sewing machine are added to the floor plan with real dimensions.

Think a floor plan could help you achieve your design dreams? Schedule a Discover Call! While you’re at it, follow Ellie Ann’s Interior Design on Facebook for design tips, videos, and more.

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