Bathroom Renovation: Part 1 

June 9

It happens to us all; a space within our home no longer suits our purpose or style and we feel the pull to redesign. It even happens to designers (yes, me). This month, we’ll walk through one of my recent renovations and the ongoing process of taking an unsuitable space and making it work for my lifestyle. We’ll break it down into the materials used and the process with next month’s blog but today, we’ll start with the “why” and the plan. 

This bathroom project was one that I was sure would take until the end of June to complete but I’m certain now that we should likely set our finish line at the end of July. Delays in completion has been a widespread issue across the nation and world; that of bottlenecks in the supply chain and, despite all the best laid plans, our project has fallen prey to those same delays. I hope to have the finished product  ready to show you in August.  

Purpose, Space, Style and Layout

When you choose to do a renovation project or change your design in some way, there will inevitably be some decisions to make regarding the purpose and needs of the space, your style, materials, and convenient layout. Function and form are the really important factors as you want your space to be  usable and beautiful. 

Our plan was to take the guest bathroom located on the main floor that we knew had much more potential and design a space that would better meet our needs. The bathroom upstairs is shared by the  bedrooms on that level so for 30+ years, my husband and I have used the main floor bathroom for the convenience of showering. We then finish the grooming/hygiene processes upstairs. It’s also located just  inside from our family entrance and is the perfect spot for my farmer husband to get washed up and  saves a mess leading upstairs. 

Dramatic Features

With this bathroom not the primary bathroom, I decided to make some dramatic color and material choices to create the feeling of a larger space that was also breathtaking. Because we take care of our grooming upstairs, we weren’t concerned about the dark color swallowing up our light.  

We also knew we wanted the sight lines into our bathroom to be a bit different than what they had  been. In our “old” design, when one looked into the bathroom, you saw the outdated shower and a  square-ish room. In this new design, you can see the gorgeous vanity and wall sconces above it and the  angular walls from the shower add some visual softness to the shape of the room. The toilet has moved  but is still tucked around the corner so that it can escape being the focus when entering. 

Efficient and Stylish Storage

The other task was to get more storage that was efficient and stylish. We designed a new linen closet that wasn’t so deep that things can become lost at the back, a recessed medicine cabinet above the toilet, and additional wall pocket storage for the more often used products in the bathroom. 

As you begin to look at spaces that aren’t serving you as efficiently or stylishly as you want, give us a call.  We love helping to redesign and refine the spaces you need to live well. 

Next month we’ll tackle the actual materials and process so make sure not to miss it!

Bathroom Tour

Project Gallery

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  1. Do you have any before pictures of your bathroom? Love what you're doing to it now 🙂

    1. Betty, I can dig and see if I can find some before the walls were torn out. Thank you! I'm excited with how it is turning out so far.

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