March 8

Colors inspired in Germany

As we head into Spring, we’ll start seeing vibrancy in nature, in our homes, and in our renewed energy. Which is why I’m writing this month’s blog all about color. But not color here in the states. Instead, I’m heading back into my Dropbox of pictures from my recent trip to Germany to remember the amazing shades and tints that inspired and captured me.

Last month, I blogged about Germany’s window dressings and the incredible options and functionality. This month, I’m taking us through the saturation of exquisite colors that made me pause and take pictures. While I fully expected to see the diverse use of color, I was speechless when wrapped up in the real thing!

Here are a few of my favorite color discoveries:

A Dining Experience…

During one of our dining experiences, we ate at a newly remodeled Greek restaurant. When I say that it was the most perfect case study in using layering textures in a fairly neutral color scheme, believe me! While the colors they used were definitely muted, the way they used them to create levels of drama was top notch. There was certainly nothing boring about their choice of layering classic architectural medallions. It was a visually engaging element. They also had a contemporary twist to their style as they drilled holes into a top layer so that you could see the metal that had been applied to the bottom layer. This restaurant was a delightful visually (and culinarily).

A Relaxing Experience…

One of the most relaxing experiences came when we arrived at a coffee/spirit house. This place made the most spectacular, unique cocktails. They served them warm or cold depending on what you needed in that moment. We were instantly enveloped in the calming deep green-blue interior. It was the primary color and was layered from the paint, to the beautiful tone-on-tone brocade wallpaper, to sumptuous drapery, and a magnificent velvet, tufted couch. The place was just so luxuriously relaxing with its warmth and elegance.

An Exterior Experience…

While interiors were so incredible to experience, the exteriors were also a very spectacular thing. The traditional façades were absolutely breathtaking with their combination of colors. I love the way that Germans aren’t afraid of coordinating three colors on their exterior palettes. Even the more bright color combinations had an air of sophistication to them!

As you can tell, my visit to Germany still has me abuzz with breathtaking inspiration. 

We will start to see color changing our landscapes and our hearts over the next few months as Spring, then Summer, arrive. Hopefully you’ll be as inspired by what is surrounding you as I was in Germany. I am so excited to talk color that I will be conducting a Color Class with Crystal Nerpel’s ‘Loving Your Home Club’.  Discover more about the Loving Your Home Club and my upcoming working at her club page here

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