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November 1

How to ‘level up’ the features in your bathroom

Bathroom. Restroom. Washroom. No matter what you call it, nearly every one of them has the same standard features that make it what it is: a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower. These elements combined make up one of the most used spaces in our home and require a lot of different flexibility in form and function. It’s a space in which you want to feel comfortable, complete necessary tasks of daily living, and to allow for convenient use of all features.

In addition to a great layout that promotes functionality and flow as well as a style that markets the relaxing mood we want, there are a variety of variables that can make or break the overall design and usability of your bathroom.

As you consider specific elements that you’d like to incorporate into your new bathroom build or restroom renovation, here are some factors to consider about what’s in, what’s possible, and what’s next level.

The Tub:

While it’s not a necessity in every bathroom, many people choose to incorporate a bathtub into their design to meet the needs of their family, increase the marketability of their home, or simply to indulge in relaxation. While built-in tubs have their advantages, like the price point, space savings, and ability to use existing plumbing, a new contender has been gaining popularity over the last few years: the luxurious, freestanding tub. These spa-like vessels can be creatively placed anywhere you’d like them, come in a variety of styles and colors, and take the drama factor to new heights. Beyond being a statement piece, they require less installation, can go directly on your bathroom floor, and are often made with higher quality materials that increase durability and your home’s value.

The Shower:

There are so many ways to elevate your showering experience and many people are starting to put more thought into incorporating elements that reach all 5 senses. Smart showers are becoming a widely embraced concept with people opting to use built-in blue-tooth speakers, aromatherapy infused showerheads, and wireless devices to enable start times, temperature, and flow.

Steam generators are allowing people everywhere to give up their gym passes and relax in the comfort of their own home. Wet rooms, where bathtubs are used inside the shower enclosure, are gaining momentum as game-changers largely due to the factors of practicality, convenience, and use of space. And tile is going strong throughout every aspect of the shower design. Handheld, rain shower, ceiling mounted, and multiple spouts are all climbing the charts in the showerhead category for ‘must-haves’.

The Sink:

It might not have been the most exciting thing to talk about in past years, but sinks are quickly becoming one of the biggest creative statements people are making in their bathroom design. Alongside custom vanities, sinks win a supporting role in the way they elevate the style of the room and add functionality based on individual preference. Undermount sinks continue to be in high demand thanks to easy cleaning and their sleek collaboration with luxury countertops. Others have been choosing to make a splash with a vessel sink due to their vast array of styles, colors, and materials. While a bit more costly, wall-mounted handles have been making headlines across the design world.

The Vanity:

Looked at as so much more than a place to put your toothbrush holder, vanities are now one of the biggest design elements in the bathroom. Custom vanities are gaining in popularity thanks to the incredible options in both additional storage and organizational elements as well as the ability to establish an entire mood from one piece. From soft-close drawers with organizational compartments to built-in electrical and open shelved, vanities are allowing for customizable options that fit your style and storage needs. The most elegant emerging option is the wall-mount that allows for a “floating” look.

The Toilet:

With the push toward increased luxury and seen as much more than just a functional and sanitary piece of hardware, toilets have quickly become a popular way to upgrade and update your washroom experience. High-end features like bidets with warm air dryers, seat warmers, deodorizers, and even wall-hung options all increase the opulence quotient of an otherwise mundane and necessary task.

And technology adds an even higher level of luxury with touchless seat-raising, motion-sensor flushing, nightlights, self-cleaning, and so much more.

All of these features coupled with other bathroom-based indulgences like heated flooring and humidity and steam sensing exhaust fans are all becoming widely popular with homeowners who want the spa experience without leaving home. As you move forward in creating your own bathroom oasis, don’t hesitate to elevate your elements and opt for one of these divine features.

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