Karastan’s Karaloom

March 16

Karastan’s Karaloom Construction Offers Crisp Patterns, Luxurious Feel, and Durability

Karastan’s KaraLoom construction creates what they call a “tailored loop.” This type of loop results in carpets with crisp, clean patterns. The tailored loop enables Karastan to efficiently and effectively replicate woven textile patterns such as the chic herringbone above. How exciting is that!

Patterns like this sophisticated herringbone (which just may be one of my favorites) possess a classic look that will be serving you for years to come! Level up the look of your home with this sophisticated carpet that will fit from the most modest of homes to the grandest.

Why You’ll Love Them

1. As Tough as They are Soft. These carpets are made with either their SmartStrand or Kashmere nylon fibers, resulting in a deliciously soft, luxurious, and durable carpets that feel like a silk/wool blend. These carpets were made to be seen and touched! The tightly twisted yarn fibers help ensure a durable product that retains its texture and appearance. And with 42–68 oz. of yarn per square inch, you’ll know your carpet is quality.

2. Versatile Patterns. With six patterns and multiple colorways, this carpet is perfect for multiple applications. Whether it be your steps, your master bedroom, or as a rug in your living room, this carpet will add impact and warmth to any space.

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