Patterned Carpet

September 8

Patterned Carpet – An Easy Way to Add Color and Flair to Your Stairs

It can be difficult to decide what to do with the stairs of your home. You may find yourself going back and forth on whether to leave them as hardwood (if you have the option), paint them, or carpet them. If you decide to carpet your stairs, you need not settle for a plain, solid colored option.

Using a patterned carpet on your stairs has several benefits. Whether you choose a solid color or a pattern you’ll want to make sure whatever carpet you pick is compatible with application on stairs. The carpet you choose should be low pile. In other words, the fibers of the carpet should be short and densely packed. This prevents the carpet from creating a “smile,“ or carpet fiber separation, where it bends over the stair.

Why You’ll Love It

  1. Unifies. A patterned carpet applied on stairs can bring together your space by pulling from colors already in your design. In other cases, the carpet can even bring out a certain background hue of an existing design element, such as a paint color or the furniture’s fabric.

  2. Adds interest. Stairs are easily made more intriguing with an eye-catching patterned carpet.

  3. Soft yet tough. Low pile carpets are not only ideal for steps because they don’t “smile,” they are also able to withstand the high traffic strike points of stairs without immediately wearing down.

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