Well Edited Sophisticate

Rugby, North Dakota

What we did...

  • A classically styled update to this hall bathroom created a luxurious space that looked twice the size even though it was the same footprint.
  • Most people want more light in their home, and that’s exactly what was achieved for this client. Opening up the rooms allowed for more natural light to brighten and open up the space.
  • The unexpected backsplash in this kitchen created a simple look with a twist, which is exactly what the client envisioned.
  • Sometimes a simple update is the way to go. Rather than purchasing new chairs, recovering the existing chairs with a new upholstery completely updated the space.
  • Extra drama in the bedroom was requested by the client, and that’s what we delivered. The richness of the details in this room created a sexy space that anyone would envy.
  • Utility rooms don’t have to look that way. The update of this room created a European vibe that flawlessly matched with the rest of the house.

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