Susan Brandjord has helped me with several projects in remodeling a 10 year old lake home. We utilized brick, paint, tile, wood and creative design for the makeover. When her initial visions and mine did not sync, we looked at 2nd and 3rd routes to develop an outcome. Ultimately, the project is moving forward step by step and I am very pleased.”

~John NordGaard, Client

Susan is very detailed in her work and everything she did to help design rooms in our home was fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for a better specialist. Wonderful experience!”

~ Steve Mueller, Client

I am a drywall contractor and have worked with Ellie Ann’s Interior Design many different times to meet clients needs. I highly recommend them to meet clients needs. They are very professional, do high quality work and very good at meeting the clients needs in regard to budget and the timeline they are working on.
I have come to them to get ideas, etc. for many of the clients i work for.” 

~ Cleo Yoder, Drywall Contractor

Dear Susan, I wanted to send a note to you to tell you how much I really liked your showroom and your staff. As a manufacture I see showrooms all over the USA and there are very few that impress me as I have been on the road now for over 15 years. I was really taken back by the layout and all the details that you have put into your showroom that will, and I am sure have, made it a great and very pleasant shopping experience for your clients. Your staff also is very enthusiastic to learn about trends and new products and how to explain them to consumers. I feel that in this market, that is critical, as there are so many options for them and also for you as an owner. Most stores are full of order takers and not sales/educators for the consumer. It is more of a “ get the consumer to buy before they get out the door” mentality. I do not feel that at your place. The education and time you spend and show such individuality to your clients, was really amazing. I also loved the store and all the easels and story boards you have set up for the consumer to see. This is critical in today’s consumer market. As I see it they all just want attention and guidance. If I ever open a store in the Atlanta market, I would love to model it after yours.”

~ Jim Cook, Somerset Wood Rep

Susan is a person with vast knowledge and talent in the fields that she works. She could go head to head with most major designers I have come in contact with and come out wonderfully.”

~ Client

Ellie Ann’s Interior Design is the best firm to help any clients renovating and remodeling their homes. The staff gives quality service and their knowledge of resources of materials are excellent and very professional! I highly recommend it! Their showrooms will provide displays to give customers visuals for their projects.”

~ Elma Severson, Client

Ellie Ann’s provided great friendly service from start to finish, we had some issues with our window coverings after installation (due to no fault of Ellie Ann’s) and they were more then accommodating. Window coverings are fixed and look amazing!”

Morgan Garrison, Client

Ellie Ann’s, namely Susan, is an exceptionally talented designer. She has helped us with two projects and was prompt, professional, and in tune with our taste and style. She has a multitalented, and professional staff also. When an appointment is made Ellie Ann’s was prompt and prepared, usually with several choices or examples for us to look at.

She and her staff keep up with current trends, and has the resources one needs to create the style you are looking for. Prior to any work being done Ellie Ann’s presented us with a work order listing the amounts of the specific materials to be used and the cost of product and installation. She also had a projected date of installation or delivery which was very close to the actual time the project was finished. Susan and her staff do a wonderful job keeping on top of orders or work being done. I truly felt we were in good hands.

I plan to use Susan’s talents again in the future and would gladly suggest her to anyone looking for a designer.”

~ Ava Ann Abernathey, Client

Our new home remodel was one of the most enjoyable experiences have ever had. Susan, and all the staff from Ellie Ann’s are the reason we can say this. Not only were they extremely professional and helpful, but the most talented decorators we have ever met.

They were also very kind, and really listened to what we wanted. We now have a home we love & are so comfortable in. There is not one thing we would change. Ellie Ann’s always went above & beyond to make our remodel go as smoothly as possible. We can’t thank them enough for all they did. The countless hours they put in to making everything perfect was amazing. I highly recommend Ellie Ann’s to everyone.

No matter what your project is. Big or small they can do it all!

Thank you all at Ellie Ann’s for making our dream home come to life. We are forever grateful to you all.”

~ Jerrad & Traci Ballantyne, Clients

Ellie Ann’s Interior Design is true to its motto: “a design experience like no other.” From the moment Susan entered my home till the last detail was completed, Ellie Ann’s stayed true to my desires for my space. Susan had a vision for how to accomplish warmth, light, and an updated look that transformed my home.

She has a great memory, and was able to remind me of my original goals, when I was straying from them. She drew plans to give me options, and we talked through them. She was amazing with paint colors and fabrics, and was a wealth of ideas for art, window coverings, furniture pieces, and the best use of my space.

I was able to glean advice on items that I was finding on my own, and never felt hurried, even though she made no commission on such questions.

I did spend more than I expected, but great quality is not cheap, and I was somewhat unaware of current prices, as we had not purchased home items since we built in 2000. I did receive accurate estimates throughout the process, so I was aware of what each step would cost, and Ellie Ann’s stayed with the original estimates. (No surprises!)

My husband is a tough sell, because he is in construction himself (and was perfectly happy doing nothing new). Even he was impressed with the transformation in our home. Each evening when I relax and look around my space, the beauty that surrounds me is so pleasing! It truly is “livable sophistication”, a mantra of Ellie Ann’s. Thank you! I look forward to my next design adventure with Susan, Nicole, and the staff at Ellie Ann’s Interior Design.”

~ Angie Deplazes, Client