Thanksgiving Traditions, Gratitudes and Recipes

November 21

At home with Susan… 

When I think about what I'm thankful for, it's all those amazing people in my life who make every day special. They’re the real gems in my world, and I'm so grateful for their love and support.

A tradition I cherish each year is… 

When our girls were young, we had this fantastic tradition. We'd all head to my twin sister Nicole's place in St. Cloud, MN for Thanksgiving. It was an absolute feast, full of turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings! After the meal, it was movie time – either at her house or sometimes at the show house. 

On Friday or Saturday we would pile together in the car and head to Minneapolis, for the Macy’s Upper Floor Animated Christmas. 

They had a new theme every year and every year it was spectacular! Imagine a whole story unfolding right in front of you, with amazing art, animated characters, lights, and sound – it was an absolute feast for the senses! After that extravaganza, we'd cap off the day with the Holidazzle Lighted Christmas Parade.

Now, finding the perfect spot for the parade was an adventure in itself. Sometimes we had to really bundle up, sometimes not so much, but it was always worth the wait. While waiting for the parade to kick off (at least 2 hours of waiting!), we’d split into groups to check out the nearby shops, taking turns to hold our spot. Then, when the parade finally rolled out with all its glittering, twinkling charm, it was pure magic! The Animated Christmas and the Holidazzle Parade were totally worth it, even if we were chilled to the bone!

These are memories that'll stay with us forever!

At home with Megan

For me, Thanksgiving means giving thanks for my incredible family, my friends who keep me going, my health, and the chance to do what I love – my work! It's a true blessing.

A tradition I cherish each year is… 

Every year before Thanksgiving, we get together – me, my mom, aunt, cousin, and grandma – to make apple turnovers. We gather the apples from our family's trees, peel, and bake them down to make the “guts” of the apple turnovers. 

My grandma then makes all the dough needed for the turnovers, this is something she has done for years, and 10-20 batches of dough is not out of the ordinary.

We then get together and start filling those turnovers, getting them all prepped for the freezer! Oh, and every year, we have a fun little challenge to top the number of turnovers we made the year before. It's a sort of delicious competition to see if we can beat our own record!

It's more than just a bake session; it’s a time we treasure, a beautiful tradition that warms our hearts as much as the turnovers warm our tummies!

From our Table to Yours...

Megan's Favorite Holiday Recipe… 

I am one to always go for the green bean casserole and cheesy hashbrowns! Today let me share our green bean casserole with you… 

Susan's Favorite Holiday Recipe… 

I make the mixture up the night before so the bread cubes soak up the flavor better.  Then, I cook the next day.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving memories and your favorite recipes. Thanks for sharing them and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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