The Season of Giving 

November 24

Our dazzling Holiday Gift Guide 2021 

The season of celebration is upon us! Now that the lazy summer has gone and fall is slowly relenting to  winter, our focus shifts to the details of the upcoming holidays. As we enter into the final months of the  year, we now begin the process of preparing for the gathering, gaiety, and gift giving that is yet to come.  

During these cooler months, we start to plan for all the ways we want to show up this season; whether  that’s hosting, volunteering, feeding, or even simply calling. We want to show our appreciation, love,  and thankfulness to those around us. So, we gather together. We celebrate. And we give gifts from the  heart. 

This season, we wanted to take some of the guess work out of gift giving by compiling amazing gifts that  are sure to please even the most discerning of recipients. Our Holiday Gift Guide 2021 is full of carefully  chosen pieces in a range of styles, functions, and price points. Regardless of how your gift is presented,  whether under a tree, by the light of a menorah, or with a hug at the doorstep, we at Ellie Ann’s Interior  

Design have chosen some of our favorite, heartfelt gifts. From coasters and decanters to pillows and  throws, we have the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 

Go ahead, indulge in a glass of mulled wine, put on some “Santa Baby” to inspire the gift giving mood,  and take a look at this season’s Holiday Gift Guide! Here are some highlights:

Scents of the Season 

Candles are one of our favorite things to gift. Not only do candles provide a delightful  ambience to a room, ones that are scented have the ability to bring back memories, create emotion, and simply allow the recipient to enjoy the aroma of something they find pleasing. Not only have we curated some gorgeous candle holders, we have also  chosen several scented candle options that are beautiful and smell amazing. From  bourbon vanilla or leather & tobacco to floral or Mediterranean, these candles will  definitely evoke memories and become household favorites. Personally, this Cire Trudon Mimosa scented candle reminds us of sleepy winter breakfasts at home.

Setting the Bar 

For your friends and family that enjoy spirits and wine, there is a wealth of sophisticated  pieces for the bar that will be sure to please. In addition to the gorgeous glassware and  decanters, there are also many options for coasters, openers, wine racks, and trays. The  bar essentials do not have to be basic which is why we chose some beautiful pieces for  the bar area that can dazzle all throughout the year. This set of leather coasters is a  handsome and purposeful addition to any bar. 

Serving It Up 

Whether you have a friend that likes to host a party or someone that simply enjoys  highlighting their culinary products, browse through our selection of gifts for the host  that serves the most. We’ve selected elegant and complementary items such as cheese boards with options for knives and spreaders, platters and bakers, measuring cups, and  even some gorgeous cutting boards. The recipient of these gifts will enjoy your attention  to their hobby as much as you’ll enjoy the benefits of taste testing! 

Layers of Luxury 

As we usher in some cooler weather, there is always an appreciation for things that  bring warmth and comfort which is why we’ve chosen throws and pillows that can be gifted to people who enjoy feeling good. We’ve also added the benefit of some dazzling  textures, colors, and patterns in an array of fabrics and fibers to elevate the design with  depth and richness. It’s really a win-win situation. Our personal favorites are the lush  alpaca fleece cushions that come in different colors and sizes enabling you to mix and  match them with nearly everything else on our list including this darling baby alpaca  fleece throw! 

Display All Day 

There are many unique and wonderful ways to display things around your home. For  those who enjoy having a rightful place for everything, we’ve added some items that are  perfect for convenience and character. In our Holiday Gift Guide are options for frames, vases, and centerpieces as well as baskets and decorative bowls. At the top of our list is  this decorative wall mount ladder. Instead of placing their throws into a basket or  cabinet, your gift recipient can display them with convenience as design elements. 

Décor and more 

While there is plenty of discretion you will need to use in choosing gifts for those you  love, we’ve added some thoughtful options for those that you know well. From  leatherbound journals and a square firepit to gameboards of stone, choosing a functional item that maximizes the overall design is a great way to show you appreciate  someone. We also put in some flawless head sculptures of antelope and rams that could  be a unique replacement for the traditional reindeer long after this season ends. Also,  the ram has long been a symbol of initiative, action, leadership, and determination while  antelope are symbols of elegance and gracefulness. If you know someone in your life  that represents those qualities, this is a great gift choice. 

Regardless of who you are buying for this year, our Holiday Gift Guide 2021 has something for everyone!  The hard part will be narrowing down your choices or extending your gift giving list of recipients!

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