Traditional Style – Asian Influence 

May 9

We are once again using one of the effortless examples put forth by the German people as inspiration for this month’s blog. In addition to the beautiful traditional details of design, Germany has come to embrace the gorgeous versatility in combing traditional style with sleek modern Asian elements to make a visually and aesthetically beautiful space. 

In traditional design, the overall aesthetic is one that typically carries with it a feeling of welcome formality with its classic styling and rich textures and colors. When you add elements of modern Asian design, there is an invigoration visually and in the overall feel of the room.  

While traditional design is typically viewed as having a timeless, familiar feel, it can tend to feel too formal and unrelaxing with all the detail and sometimes even stale. On the other hand, modern Asian design has an all-around balance. A sleek geometry but can feel a bit angular and cold in some cases. 

Let me say that there is nothing wrong with either of these styles individually.

When done well, they can be very sophisticated and inviting. However, I always encourage clients who want a welcoming home that still expresses their own style to create a balance in energy; both invigorating and relaxing. 

What happens when we blend these two styles is a gorgeous marriage of comfort and visual acuity. The  German people do a great job of infusing the modernized elements with the more traditional. We can see this in the texture play between the two styles; the eye is given a chance to rest and the detailed items have room to breathe. 

My trip to Germany continues to inspire me and the traditional style blended seamlessly with Asian elements is no exception. Just another one of the things to add to my favorites list!

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