Vinyl Flooring

October 9

Vinyl – Beyond the Turntable and on to Your Floor

When you hear the word vinyl your mind most likely goes one of two places: 1) vinyl records or 2) the vinyl upholstery of cars or boats. However, vinyl is also a great option for flooring! Referred to as Luxury Vinyl Planking (LVP) or Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), this flooring offers multiple benefits.

Why You’ll Love It

  1. Water-Resistant. Vinyl’s water-resistant property makes it a great choice for areas of your home that are more like to see water or spills. Such spaces could be a mud room, bathroom, or kitchen.

  2. DIY Friendly. Depending on the space, vinyl flooring can be installed using a glue down or click system. The click system is popular with those interested in installing the floor themselves.

  3. Cabin Friendly. Unlike vinyl records, which a notoriously particular about fluctuations in humidity and temperature, vinyl tile and planking is very forgiving. The “Rigid” line by Adura is a great choice for three season rooms, cabins, or anywhere where the heat will be turned way down or off in the winter.

  4. Tile or Plank. Vinyl flooring is available in both tile and wood plank options.

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